Brouilly Fûts de chêne Gamay noir à jus blanc

HVE - Haute Valeur Environnementale
Brouilly - Fûts de chêne - Domaine du Père Benoit


This wine is the result of a delicate balance between the fruit of the wine and the tannins of the oak. With its cherry notes, this wine reveals the fresh and fruity aromas of the brouilly then a vanilla note transmitted by the oak, gives the aromas a smoothness and a delicacy. Excellent with sauces, game and cheese platters. To be enjoyed within the next eight years, preferably at room temperature to enjoy all the aromas.

Technical specifications sheet

Type: Rouge
Nature of soil and subsoil : The soil is not very stony and is composed of ancient alluvium.
Grape variety Gamay noir à jus blanc
Vineyard area: 4.20 ha
Harvest: 100% manual
The average age of vines: 90 years
Pruning: Gobelet
Vinification: Traditional whole-bunch vinification, semi-carbonic maceration for ten days.
Maturation: 228 litre oak barrels, from 2 to 6 wines, for about ten months.
Percent proof: 13.5%
Service: Between 15 and 17°C
Storage: 1 to 8 years
Peak: Four years

Brouilly - Fûts de chêne Notes & Awards

Concours international des Gamay 2015

Médaille d'Argent

Concours international des Gamay 2016

Médaille d’argent

Concours international des Gamay 2017

Médaille d’Or

Guide Hachette 2019

1 étoile

Concours international des Gamay 2020

Médaille d’argent

Concours international des Gamay 2018

Médaille de Bronze

Concours des Grand Vins du Beaujolais 2020

Médaille d'Or

Guide Hachette 2023

2 étoiles

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